Being A Well-Rounded Architect

Being A Well-Rounded Architect

Last week, I discovered two blog posts that would guide me to become better in my career.

The first blog post is what I can fully accept as a definition of a well-rounded architect written by Pat Kua. In this post, he defined what it means to be a well-rounded architect and how to be an effective one, not only focusing on the technical side of being an architect but also on skills that are needed in communicating and directing the team.

His definition of being well-rounded is having a good level of expertise in all six dimensions, and here is my own interpretation of how these dimensions are essential:

Dimensions of a well-rounded architect by Pat Kua
  1. Leader – it is important to have good leadership skills to guide members and contribute to their growth.
  2. Developer – there are challenges that may come to the developers of a team and there is no better way to help them than being a well-versed developer yourself.
  3. System-focused – having a vision of the big picture, not only codebase but also system architecture, is important in making sound decisions related to the whole system.
  4. Entrepreneur – defining the team’s pace, adopting a new tool, or deciding on a software to be used has corresponding costs and benefits which needs to be considered.
  5. Strategic Technologist – working with many members who have their own approach is not necessarily a bad thing to have but can be cumbersome in the future when these individual strengths are not managed properly.
  6. Communicator – relaying the reasons for technical decisions properly are important not only towards members of the team but also to stakeholders, and it takes good communication skills to accomplish.

The thing that I liked the most is the importance of having a good level of expertise in ALL these dimensions. Focusing on some parts (ex. Developer and Leader only) can’t make up for the other parts and keeping the balance between all of it makes a systems architect effective. My goal is to become something like this, a well-rounded Systems Architect.

The other blog post that I found is about building a tech radar and I plan to make one for myself. I will discuss how I made my own tech radar in another blog post. Stay tuned!

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