About J.RV.S

J.RV.S, or Jerome in real life, is a regular programmer (web developer, in particular) trying to live everyday as normal person. Normal might seem boring for him sometimes so he occasionally choose to do something new – that includes trying out new food or activities.

Most of the time he is either working or trying to be fit. Sometimes he is staring into blank space thinking about nothing; sometimes about coding. There are a lot of things that he thinks he is capable of doing but he either is too busy or tired to even start. Let’s all pray that he will have the time to see if what he thinks is correct.

He somehow hates Facebook because ~80% of the things that he read gives him an impression that the world is about to end. Generally, he likes positive information.

He is a hobbyist but he doesn’t have a particular hobby because he likes jumping from one hobby to another depending on the place, the weather or his motivation.

The pages on this site will give you a peek into the things going on in his head. You might find his posts inconsistent, weird, boring or cool.