How I “Extend” My Weekend?

How I “Extend” My Weekend?

College days are one of the best parts of my life because of the following things:

  1. I could control my class schedule,
  2. I spent only five hours of my day in the classroom and take a good 2-3 hour study time at my own pace,
  3. I could study wherever I want, whenever I’m not in class, and
  4. it was the peak of my social life.

It was one of the best because college days must end if I want to contribute to society and be a functioning part of it. In doing so, there were things that I needed to let go.

If you’re lucky enough, you could have a job that suits you and offers a flexible work-hour setup but if not, you have to say goodbye (for a while) to some parts of your social life and alone time. Sometimes, our attention gets sucked up by work and it gets harder to set aside time on weekends because you are already exhausted from weekday routine.

After some adulting, I discovered that you can trick your brain into thinking that you have more time but before proceeding, ask yourself this question:

“How much do you enjoy your free time to feel satisfied in spending it?”

I asked because this will be your basis of satisfaction. Once you achieved satisfaction, everything else after it comes as a bonus.

Prepare for Fun: Work hard from Monday to Friday afternoon

Of course, it’s important to focus on our work for obvious reasons like being financially stable to support an active lifestyle, being productive at work, and many more. As adults, work will be a significant part of life but you should know when to stop working and start focusing on other parts of your life. This is the reason why I am not an advocate of bringing work at home.

Therefore, I suggest that you start going into “vacation mode” in the afternoon of your last workday.

Start the Fun: Go full vacation mode on Friday night

This is where the fun starts and also where you should apply your basis for satisfaction. Party hard. Boost your social activity to the highest level until you are satisfied. Go out to places and start your weekend adventure. Do anything to satisfy yourself.

Start the Hack: Do other stuff you wanted to do on Saturday

It is now the start of the weekend. Did you end up in a place where you wanted to go? Go around and explore. Did you party hard last night? Do other weekend activities like reading, running, and other activities to help you recuperate. The point is to do more things to maximise your weekend.

You may have satisfied with what you did last Friday night or have gone close to it. Starting from this day, you should be feeling satisfied already and feel like you still have more time to do other stuff so go ahead and do more!

Reset the Cycle: Chill on a Sunday

Waking up after a productive Saturday will make you feel like you wished there’s more time to rest. Well, you’re in luck because if you followed the previous steps, it’s still the weekend and you have a whole day to spend for yourself.

Want to get out of bed past 10am? You can! Want to explore more or take it slow going back to the reality? Do it!

Keep your mind set, it’s a mindset

This works for me and I would like you try. Keep your mind set and everything will fall according to plan.

It all boils down to how you schedule things and handle yourself. Keep yourself satisfied in all aspects of your life, know when to work and when to play, give yourself some reset from work, and spend some time for yourself.

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