Resist the Urge to Code

Resist the Urge to Code

One of the things I remember and practice since my undergraduate days is to “Resist the urge to code.” Resisting removes the overhead of thinking how to implement the code. This was one of the tips that were given to us in order to survive the next four/five years in college.

For developers who work on new and large code bases alike, it is helpful to first write a model or pseudocode for the process you implement. Instead of jumping into code, it will be better to make the process clear first. After you’ve finalized the steps of the process, implementing the process is almost trivial.

Sometimes, when I’m not yet in the mood to write codes, I write process flow and logic using comments on my code editor. It serves as my mind map for the more brain-intensive tasks later on.

coder and coffee
how a coder works

I hope this little tip helps in improving your coding habit! Feel free to share.

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