Top Apps That Make Everyday Bearable (for me)

Top Apps That Make Everyday Bearable (for me)

Everyday is a new day, and new days mean new happenings – some of which we want to record and put in some part of the web or digital storage. The devices that we will interact with everyday are most probably our laptop and mobile phone, both of which are now connected via the internet or some other way like bluetooth and are the most accessible for storing information.

Here I compile the applications I use most of the time (aside from social networking sites and games). These applications help me make my life easier to manage.

My Requirements

I am using multiple devices and, as much as possible, I’d like to view the information on every one of them so I have a few checks to accomplish before I start using that application primarily:

  • Is it available on Android Play Store?
  • Is it available on iOS / OSX App Store?
  • Does it have a synchronization function?
  • Does it have a web application?
  • Will it be cheap if I buy the paid version (if there is)?

Once an application passed these checks, choosing among a variety will be based on aesthetics and features, and I don’t think it should be considered much because some of the beautifully made apps just doesn’t fit your need or are too overwhelming.

Let’s get on with the list.


Available for Android, iOS / OSX, and has web browsers plugins.

This application is particularly useful when I am at work. I didn’t always want to unlock and view my phone at work for SMS and missed calls or app notifications. This app helps me by Mirroring those notifications to my web browser which I use most of the time. The free version let’s you reply to the SMS messages via the web browser plugin and can also dismiss app notifications.

It is also useful when you find something interesting on the net while browsing on your computer and decided to send some information to your phone and other devices!


Available almost everywhere (Android, iOS / OSX, Windows) either native or web application.

One of the best note-taking apps out there. Got ideas you plan to check later? Write it here. Planning for an event or taking notes from a presentation? This is my go-to app for those kinds of stuff. Notes can be arranged into Notebooks, and Notebooks can be grouped into Stacks for further organization. You can also share your Notes to other friends who have an Evernote account and set their access level, whether read-only or edit.

A caveat is that you can only choose up to two devices where you can install the native app for use with your account (in my case, my phone and laptop) but it’s not really that problematic since you can always access your notes via its web application. Write once, sync, then read/update anywhere!


My favorite Android widget to pair with my Google calendar. I liked it so much that I bought the paid version.

It’s a simple calendar with almost the same feature as the Google calendar. What I liked about it is the compact widget that shows all your events for the day, week, or month (which was unlocked when I bought the key).

Sometimes you just need to have an overview of your free schedules for the week.


My app for articles that I want to read later. It is available on Android, iOS / OSX, via the web application, and has a plugin for ease of use.

When I see an interesting article on my feed and decide to read it later or when someone shares an interesting article I put it in this application. When you decide to finish reading the article that you saved, just go to either to the mobile app which downloads the content for offline reading (if you snyced while you still have internet) or access the native / web application.

Got an interesting article? Put it in your Pocket for later.


I wanted a simple journal for my thoughts with just enough feature to write, sync, and read entries. I do it in Journey which is available on Android and can be accessed via a web application.

Writing your thoughts helps you offload it from your brain, and this is just the perfect tool for me. I just started journaling this year and I find this app’s simplicity to be its best selling point for me. I don’t really write on diaries but this application makes writing on a digital diary effortless.

Maximize the App, don’t download too much

The main good points of these applications for me is their simplicity and connectedness. I can always start from one device and finish on another. It makes me feel I always have my personal effects with me. I didn’t have a lot of applications on my devices, I only have the ones I need and I make sure I maximize their use so that they can make my life bearable in this fast-paced society.

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